How To Ease Stress For Children During A Divorce

When you and your spouse decide to divorce, it can be very difficult on everyone involved. Children often feel the brunt of the process, so it is crucial to help keep their stress levels down as much as you can. You both need to work as amicably as possible with your divorce attorney to prevent as much negative impact on the kids as possible. The following are some ideas to help the children remain as stress free as possible during a divorce:

Keep a Good Schedule

A divorce is a life changing event for a child, so it is crucial to keep their outside activities in check. Maintaining a moderate schedule of events and activities can provide some normalcy during this trying time in their lives. If they are aware of their schedule, it is important that you keep it the same if at all possible. If one child has baseball practice twice a week, he will have that activity to look forward to. It will seem normal to him because it is a part of his regular schedule. They like to get out of the home and away from the stress. Do not pull them from their activities due to the divorce unless it is absolutely necessary.

Do Not Make Any Major Changes

While change is going to be imminent during a divorce, try to avoid making any additional changes if at all possible. For instance, try to keep them in the same schools, maintain family traditions, and keep them in the same church if you are religious. Above all, avoid entering new relationships as soon as you have separated. This can often be very upsetting and confusing for children.

It is not going to be possible to keep everything the same. Your child is now going to have two homes with two bedrooms. They are going to have to get used to going back and forth on a new custodial schedule. They are going to have to deal with splitting up holiday times between two households. Try not to make any extra changes that can cause more confusion and turmoil during this sensitive time.

Maintaining a child's normalcy during a divorce is one of the most important things you can do during a divorce. The security and predictability of a solid schedule can make them feel less affected by the changes. Work closely with your divorce attorney, such as Joanna Cobleigh Esq, to develop a fair and firm schedule in order to keep everything as calm as you can.