Parenting Plan: An Invaluable Resource For Divorced Parents

Divorcing when you have a child or children is no easy feat. Going through the process of designating physical custody, legal custody, and visitation may be taxing. It is not uncommon for arguments and disagreements to arise during this troubling time. Fortunately, parenting plans make this challenging situation a bit easier.

A parenting plan is a document that outlines the details of how you and your ex-spouse will raise your child. These plans are used to benefit the child or children of divorced couples. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, read on to discover what a parenting plan can do for you.

What Does A Parenting Plan Consist Of?

Every parenting plan is unique; it is customized to suit the needs of each parent and their child or children. However, many of these plans have some factors in common. Parenting plans often include information about the following:

  • How much time your child spends with you and your ex-spouse.

  • Which holidays and special occasions your child will spend with you or your ex-spouse.

  • The times, dates, and locations where you and your ex-spouse will meet for pickups and drop-offs.

  • How you and your ex-spouse will address differences in parenting styles or beliefs.

  • When and how your child will communicate with you while he or she is with your ex-spouse and vice versa.

  • Who is allowed to provide childcare for your children.

These are just a few primary examples, but you have many more aspects to consider. Parenting plans often consist of dozens of different factors like these. Review a parenting plan template online to become more familiar with what these plans consist of.

How Does A Parenting Plan Benefit My Child?

As mentioned above, the primary goal of a parenting plan is to benefit your child or children. Co-parenting provides children with

  • stability
  • positive environments
  • healthy interactions with each parent 

Divorce can be emotionally taxing and incredibly confusing for a child. Children thrive when they have a set routine in place. Parenting plans can provide a routine for children to depend on. These plans also help you and your spouse communicate amicably for the sake of your child. When parenting guidelines are set in place, you and your ex-spouse adhere to it. This may reduce the amount of tension or conflict that your child or children witness. By seeing their parents communicate in a healthy manner, divorce may be a bit easier for children.

Where Can I Obtain Or Create A Parenting Plan?

Parenting plan templates and guidelines may easily be located on the Internet. However, it is in your best interest to speak with a local divorce attorney like those found at Law Office of Shelli Wright Johnson about this. Divorce attorneys are familiar with parenting plans and what clauses and information are crucial for them. Use their knowledge to your advantage, and create a rock-solid plan for you and your children.