Four Things An Attorney Can Do For You If You Want A Divorce

A divorce attorney offers a variety of services besides negotiating on your behalf with your spouse's attorney and going to court if needed. If you are thinking about a divorce or would like a divorce but there are obstacles, a divorce may be able to help. The following are just a few examples of what they can do for you.

They can locate your spouse

Maybe you and your spouse split up quickly for any number of reasons. You went your separate ways but at the time, never bothered with a divorce. Now, there is a reason you need a divorce. Perhaps you are planning on getting married, but this is not possible until you can divorce your legal spouse, wherever he or she may be. A divorce attorney has the resources to find your spouse and get him or her to sign the divorce papers.

They can assist you with a divorce when your spouse is incarcerated

It is possible to divorce your spouse when he or she is in jail, but it can be tricky. This is because there are laws regarding a divorce under these circumstances. For example, there may be a minimum sentence for your spouse before you are allowed to file for a divorce. The laws are different depending upon the state the prison resides in. For example, it may be that any sentence under one year and divorce is not allowed. But if it is possible, an attorney can explain the process and assist you in getting a divorce while your spouse is in prison.

They can assist you with a divorce across state lines

If your spouse is currently living in a state other than the one you are living in, a divorce can become complicated. Although you don't have to go back to the state you were married in, there are laws regarding how you and your spouse will split the assets. Some of this will depend upon when and where the asset was acquired, but the divorce laws when two states are involved can be complex. An attorney can sort out these complexities.

They can help identify assets

If your spouse is primarily responsible for the finances, it will be tempting to hide some of the marital assets when he or she is informed of your desire for a divorce. It is much better to consult with an attorney first. An attorney can identify all of the assets, before your spouse can attempt to hide any of them. After the fact, hidden assets can still be found, but it is more difficult to do so.

A divorce attorney offers many services, but the best time to consult with one is before you speak to your spouse. There may be options open to you that you are not aware of.