The Main Steps Of A Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a confusing process if you have never gone through one before, but there really are only a few main steps in the process. Understanding these main steps can help you get through your divorce with less confusion, and it may help you have more time focusing on all the little steps and decisions that you may have in your divorce. Here are the four main steps of a divorce you should understand and know about.

Filing the divorce petition

All divorces start off in the same way, which is through a divorce petition, and you can either file for this or your spouse can. In any case, one of you must file the divorce petition. The person who files it is the petitioner, while the other spouse is the respondent. The divorce petition initiates the proceedings, and it is a necessary step for a divorce.

Seeking a temporary order

The second step you will probably need to complete is seeking a temporary order. A temporary order is a court-ordered agreement both spouses must follow and abide by, and this type of order is vital if you have kids, own a house, or have other major things in common. This order will state the arrangements of your separation and will end when your divorce is final.

Negotiating with your spouse and lawyers

The step that often takes the longest in a divorce is the negotiating step. During this step, you will work with your lawyer, while your spouse works with his or hers. The goal of this stage is to reach an agreement that you both are content with, and this agreement primarily involves the separation of assets, debts, and kids. If you cannot reach an agreement, the court will end up deciding for you.

Going for the dissolution hearing

The final step of the divorce process is attending the dissolution hearing. This is the final hearing you will have to attend for your divorce, and it is the hearing in which the judge pronounces your marriage dissolved. Once this occurs, your divorce will be over, and you will be able to begin moving on with your life.

These are the four main steps you will go through in a divorce, but there are a lot of little steps you will have to complete along the way. To find out more information about this, contact a lawyer today that offers divorce services.

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