Retaining A Skilled DUI Lawyer To Avoid Jail Time And Civil Penalties

A drunk driving conviction can lead to serious repercussions on your life. You could lose everything that you have worked for and everything and everyone who is important to you.

Rather than risk your life on being found guilty of this charge, you can hire an attorney to represent you in court. You may be able to avoid jail time, civil penalties and more when you hire an assertive DUI lawyer for your case.

Avoiding Jail Time

Even if your Breathalyzer test showed that you were above the legal limit while driving, you may not deserve to spend weeks, months or years behind bars. In fact, if you have an otherwise clean driving and criminal record, you may instead benefit from performing community service or taking alcohol and drug rehabilitation classes.

Your DUI lawyer can present your clean driving and criminal record to the court and ask the judge for leniency. He or she may convince the judge to give you community service or sentence you to a rehabilitation program. You may avoid having to serve any time in jail and can instead go home to your family after your court appearance.

Reviewing Your Breathalyzer Test and Arrest

Your DUI lawyer may even want to scrutinize your Breathalyzer test and arrest to make sure both were lawful. He or she may have reason to believe that your test results were skewed or that the test itself was not given properly. Your attorney may also suspect that the officer had no just cause to stop and question you.

You can provide your DUI lawyer with proof, such as your dash cam footage, to show that you were not weaving in and out of traffic or driving like you were drunk on the night of your arrest. Your attorney can also subpoena the officer's footage of what happened during the arrest and lab results of your urine or blood sample. If your DUI lawyer can prove that the arrest was unlawful or the results are false, he or she may petition the court to have the charges against you dropped.

A DUI lawyer can can provide valuable services to you after you are arrested for drunk driving. Your attorney can petition the court for leniency if you have a clean driving and criminal record. You may be sentenced to lesser punishments. Your attorney can also ask the court to drop the charges. 

To learn more, contact a DUI lawyer.