Get Support And Fight These Vehicle Accident Barriers

Dealing with an auto accident is not something many people ever do more than once or twice. That means, though, that it's easy to make mistakes and get discouraged after an accident. Some victims, for instance, think that the other driver's insurance company will treat them fairly and pay them what is owed. Sadly, insurance companies can be difficult to work with and victims might find themselves dealing with barrier after barrier to compensation. To find out what you can do to break through those barriers, read on.

They Aren't On Your Side

Victims turn to many sources of support after an accident and that is almost always a good thing. So many people are sympathetic and understanding when they know you are dealing with injuries, a wrecked vehicle, missed work, and more. However, of all the people you can trust after an accident, the other driver's insurance agent is not one of them. The insurance adjuster is tasked with determining what happened, who is at fault, and who has to pay money to the victim. They are on their own side and that can spell trouble for victims. Be wary when communicating with them and never accept an offer from them without legal advice.

You Want To Do the Right Thing

Most people expect to be provided with good customer service, but you might have to get over that expectation after an accident that was not your fault. Don't let it rattle you when you encounter issues getting in touch with the other person's insurer, when claims are denied, or when things don't go well with your claim. You might need to get a lawyer on your side who understands how to get to the insurer in no uncertain terms. Just knowing that you are being represented by a personal injury lawyer will earn you more respect than otherwise.

Were You At Fault?

Most victims already know that the other driver caused the accident. You may remember the accident or you might have a copy of the accident report prepared by law enforcement explaining what they observed at the scene. Knowing that might bring you comfort, but it won't stop the insurer from trying to minimize their financial obligations by casting the following aspersions:

  • You might have been breaking some traffic laws when the accident occurred.
  • You could have avoided the other driver (their client) if you had tried hard enough.
  • You failed to seek medical care quickly enough.
  • You were already hurt from a previous accident.
  • You were texting or on the phone when the accident happened.

Don't allow those insurance barriers to stop you. Speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.