Maybe We Need A Break: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You File For Divorce

If you've been having problems with your marriage, you may be considering divorce. While divorce may be in your best interest, it's important to make sure that it's actually what both of you want. Taking a break away from each other will allow you and your spouse the opportunity to assess the situation. Here are four questions you should try to answer while you're taking the break.

Why Aren't You Getting Along?

If you and your spouse have just stopped getting along, use this time to try and identify the reason. What has changed that has caused you to grow apart? You may discover that one or both of you have changed. Once you come to terms with the reasons you're no longer getting along, you'll be able to identify your role in the problems.

What are the Arguments About?

If you and your spouse have recently begun arguing, it's important to identify the source of those arguments. What are the issues that are causing the arguments? It's also a good idea to see if you can identify possible triggers. If you and your spouse have been arguing over money or other short-term problems, you may be able to work through the problems to reach a resolution that won't result in divorce.

What Changes Need to be Made?

If you want to try and work out the problems in your marriage, it's important for you to determine the changes that would need to take place in order to avoid a divorce. Use your time apart to identify the changes you think you need to make, as well as the changes that you would like your spouse to make. Once you've identified the changes, you'll be able to determine if it's realistic to anticipate those changes.

How Do You Feel While You're Apart?

If you're not sure you want the divorce, use the time apart to determine how you feel about your spouse. Has your time apart solidified your resolve to work the problems out? Or, has your time apart made you realize how much better you'll be on your own? Take the time to come to terms with your feelings.

If your marriage is having problems, but you're not ready to file for divorce, it may be time to take a short break. If you and your spouse are unable to overcome your marital problems, you should sit down with a local divorce attorney like those found at Blumenauer Hackworth as soon as possible. They'll help you understand the options that are available to you.