Consider A Divorce If You Find Yourself In These Blended Family Scenarios

If you've been married, had children, and then gotten divorced, the next time that you marry may be a blended family situation. In other words, both you and your new spouse may have children of your own, all living under one roof. There are a lot of positive aspects to a blended family. For example, if you have just one child of your own, he or she will instantly have a sibling to play with. However, blended families can also pose challenges, and you could find yourself thinking about another divorce. Here are some scenarios that may compel you to think this way.

Your Spouse's Children Don't Accept You

It's common to get a cold reception from your spouse's children once you come into the picture, and this may continue even after you get married. In many blended family situations, the children will eventually warm to you. However, there's also the chance that they won't — and this can be extremely difficult. This challenging dynamic can lead to strains between you and your spouse, and you may feel as though divorce is in everyone's best interest.

You're Uncomfortable With Your Spouse's Relationship With His/Her Ex

If your new spouse has children and his or her ex-spouse is in the picture, it's common for the two people to have to remain in contact. It may be difficult for you to see your spouse frequently dealing with his or her ex, even if you understand the reasons for doing so. This situation can be even more difficult if you're unsure of the relationship that they may or may not still have. For example, if you notice them appearing more friendly than they used to be, you may be wondering if they're closer than you'd like them to be. While you shouldn't consider divorce based on suspicions, learning more about their relationship could lead you to consider divorce.

Your Child Needs More Of Your Attention

You need to always be cognizant of the needs of your own child after you remarry. For example, when you find yourself in a blended family situation, you'll feel your attention going in different directions — namely, caring for your new spouse and your stepchildren. This may make your own child feel invisible, and you may feel as though he or she needs more of you. Ideally, you'll attempt to provide this in the family dynamic, but this isn't always possible. For the good of your own child, divorce may be appropriate so that you can focus exclusively on him or her.

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