Use These Tactics to Determine If Your Ex-Spouse Is Living with Someone After Your Divorce

Trying to decipher whether your ex is living with someone after you get divorced may make you seem nosy, but you may have a legitimate reason for wanting to know this answer: if you're paying alimony, one stipulation is that you need to continue to make payments until your ex-spouse either gets married or begins to live with someone else. People in your ex's shoes will frequently avoid marriage because there's a public record of it, but they may seek a common-law relationship without necessarily letting you know. If you're legally able to stop making alimony payments at this time, the last thing you want to do is continue to make them. Here are some tactics that you can use to determine if your ex is living with someone.

Watch Where He or She Goes

In a small community, you may sometimes run into your ex. Even if you choose to ignore one another, you might think about watching where he or she goes after your encounter. You definitely don't want to do anything that he or she might perceive as stalking, but if you feel comfortable following him or her at a distance, you may be able to learn where your ex lives. You can then hire a private investigator to monitor the residence and determine whether it appears likely that your ex has a common-law partner.

Search on Social Media

You and your spouse might not be friends on social media any longer, but that doesn't mean that his or her account isn't accessible. Some people leave their social media accounts "open," allowing others to view them with ease. Take a look at your ex's photos and pay attention to those that depict his or her living environment. It may become clear, over time, that your ex is living with someone.

Ask Mutual Friends

After a divorce, you may have friends who still maintain some degree of contact with your ex. Although you might feel leery about asking them to provide any information about him or her, there may be some friends who are loyal to you and thus want to help you. One of them may divulge to you that he or she has heard that your ex has a new partner and that they're living together. You can then take any information that you learn to your divorce lawyer. He or she may rely on an investigator to learn more about the situation and then move forward legally so that you can stop making alimony payments.