Use These Tactics to Determine If Your Ex-Spouse Is Living with Someone After Your Divorce

Trying to decipher whether your ex is living with someone after you get divorced may make you seem nosy, but you may have a legitimate reason for wanting to know this answer: if you're paying alimony, one stipulation is that you need to continue to make payments until your ex-spouse either gets married or begins to live with someone else. People in your ex's shoes will frequently avoid marriage because there's a public record of it, but they may seek a common-law relationship without necessarily letting you know. Read More 

Consider A Divorce If You Find Yourself In These Blended Family Scenarios

If you've been married, had children, and then gotten divorced, the next time that you marry may be a blended family situation. In other words, both you and your new spouse may have children of your own, all living under one roof. There are a lot of positive aspects to a blended family. For example, if you have just one child of your own, he or she will instantly have a sibling to play with. Read More 

Don’t Take It Lightly: What To Do When Charged With A Misdemeanor

Summers are supposed to be filled with fun. Unfortunately, too much fun and you could end up facing misdemeanor charges. Many people wrongly believe that misdemeanor charges aren't anything to worry about. However, that's not actually true. Misdemeanor charges can lead to convictions, which can lead to monetary fines and even jail time. The last thing you want to do is spend your summer in jail, which is why you need to take a misdemeanor charge seriously. Read More 

How To Deal With Debt Division In Divorce

While most divorcing couples consider asset division very important, the issue of debt division should not be overlooked too. This is because poor debt division may leave you in a worse financial situation than you started with. Here are three things you should know concerning debt division during divorce. Community or Equitable Distribution Laws Apply In community property states, the debts you incurred during your marriage will be treated as community debts. Read More 

3 Expenses During A Divorce You Need To Prepare For

If you are going through a divorce, you have probably already learned that it is expensive. There are so many different costs associated with divorce, and many people feel as though they can't afford to divorce as they would like because of the money. If you can prepare yourself ahead of time for the divorce and its costs, then you are more likely to have flexibility with the process because you are not restrained by money. Read More